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Loyalty system

The loyalty system is used to reward regular customers. Thanks to it, regular shoppers earn points for the loyalty system (hereinafter referred to as points), which can then be used for further purchases. The total value of the order is reduced by the value of the points.

Points can be earned by:

  • For a purchase of a certain value
  • By rating a product and writing a review

You must be logged in to your user account to receive points, after which the points will automatically be added. The current number of points can be found in your account details.

Points can only be earned if the order value is 25 EUR or more.
Points are calculated only on the value of the products.
For every 1,4 EUR you will receive 1 point.
1,4 EUR = 1 point (points are rounded down to whole numbers).

By rating the product with stars you will get 2 points.

Writing a review for a product will earn you 3 points.

How to redeem points?
In the basket with your selected products, tick "Use loyalty points" or choose how many points you want to redeem.
Points can only be redeemed if you are logged in.
There is no limit on the validity of points.
Up to 100% of the order value can be redeemed.
The value of one point when redeemed is 0,04 EUR, i.e. every 1 point will reduce the value of the order by 0,04 EUR.