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Collagen drinks - Product type - Loose drink

Collagen is the basic building block of connective tissues in our body and is responsible for, among other things, supple skin, healthy joints, hair and overall vitality. It is called the protein of youth, as the body has no problem producing good quality collagen until the age of 25. However, as we age, its production decreases significantly, which can be seen, for example, in sagging skin, dry and brittle nails, split hair, aching joints, loss of body elasticity and overall deterioration of physical condition.

To boost vitality and restore skin elasticity, we offer a fresh collagen drink with mint and lemon flavours. The extra vitamin C will help the collagen to be absorbed and used to greater effect. Hyaluronic acid then accelerates the skin's natural regeneration and helps to keep it hydrated all day long. The fibre from chicory root will stimulate digestion and help lower cholesterol levels. 

Treat yourself to the elixir of youth.