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CBD Capsules

Our softgel capsules with hemp oil and premium broad spectrum CBD extract are an excellent alternative for those who want to benefit from the potential of CBD but for whatever reason do not find pleasure in CBD drops or other products such as our sweet CBD gummies.

CBD capsules are practical, convenient and very easy to use. The obvious advantage of CBD pills includes easy dosing. You always know exactly how many mg of CBD each capsule contains. The capsules are also there for anyone who doesn't like the taste of hemp (oil).

CBD capsules have the same effects as CBD drops (CBD oil), and also the same potential uses – whether it's preventing civilization diseases, suppressing inflammation, supporting the immune system and faster recovery, or promoting muscle, joint, skin, and heart health.

Expect to see the desired effects a little later than with CBD oil taken sublingually. Before CBD enters the bloodstream, it must first pass through the digestive tract.

Compared to oils, CBD capsules also have a lower bioavailability (the absorbability of the active substance). However, their effect is believed to last longer. Thus, it can be active where it is needed for a more extended period of time.