What can a functional patch help you with?

Functional patches are skyrocketing in popularity. And no wonder. This is a painless and convenient way to get medicines, food supplements or vitamins into the body. Do you want to know how the patch can help you with the effects of a wild party, insomnia or menopause symptoms? Then read on. In this article, we will look at several types of functional patches and their benefits.

1. What are functional patches?
2. How do patches work?
3. What do Hemnia patches contain ?
4. How to choose a functional patch?
5. How are Hemnia functional patches applied?
6. Advantages of functional patches
7. Benefits and pitfalls of patches from the point of view of science
8. Conclusion

What are functional patches?

Functional or wellness patches are patches containing vitamins, herbs, minerals, cannabinoids and other beneficial ingredients . They have different compositions, sizes and designs , there are variants for one-time or multi-day use . They are always designed for a specific purpose , so that they help solve various health problems or support natural functions and processes in the body. They are easy to apply, light and discreet .

Functional patches have also been used in the healthcare industry for some time: they provide the body with medicinal substances or hormones that are analgesic, anti-inflammatory or contraceptive.

How do patches work?

The patches are impregnated with active ingredients that enter the body through pores in the skin ( transdermally ). Transdermal administration is a non-invasive, gentle and safe method. The substances contained in the patch are released into the bloodstream gradually and have a higher bioavailability compared to oral preparations such as tablets, which can be broken down or eliminated by the digestive system before they start working.


What do Hemnia patches contain ?

We thought about how to offer you an alternative for body and mind care that is based on a natural basis , and this is how the Hemnia patch series was created . Our patches are transparent, and thanks to the size of only 32 x 32 millimeters, they will not get in your way or draw unnecessary attention to themselves. They contain natural ingredients, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and are designed for specific purposes, such as promoting concentration , helping with menopause symptoms or supporting libido . In addition, sleep support patches contain cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant known for its therapeutic potential to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety and stress.

Overview: Hemnia Patches

In the following table, you will find a detailed overview of patches from the Hemnia brand , their complete composition, as well as information about what they can help you with.


What do the patches help with?

Active substance


Alleviation of menopausal symptoms (mood swings, hot flashes, excessive sweating)


Support of mental and physical freshness

Gotu kola extract , damiana extract, horsetail plant, valerian, Baikal coneflower, oat seed extract and ginger


Restoration of sexual desire and joy of intimate life, support of immunity and stimulation of the endocrine function of the gonads

Extract from Fo -Ti, from Siberian ginseng, damiana , from Gotu kola, Saw Palmetto extract, Tribulus terrestis extract, L-Arginine


Support of the immune system, proper digestion and elimination; increasing physical and mental resistance and reducing cold symptoms

Zinc acetate, ginseng extract, vitamin C, vitamin D3, echinacea , elderberry extract,


Stimulation of brain activity (concentration, memory), suppression of fatigue and reduction of exhaustion, improvement of mood, stimulation of heart activity


Support for normal metabolic activity, help with sports and mental performance

Caffeine, green tea extract, glucuronolactone , vitamins B3, B5, B6


Support of cognitive functions of the brain (concentration, thinking, strengthening of memory), help with the regeneration of mental powers

ginkgo biloba , acetyl L-Carnitine, small-leaved bacopa , magnesium L- threonate , Chinese tea tree


Promoting sleep, inducing relaxation, alleviating anxiety and restlessness

Valerian extract, passion fruit extract, hops extract, CBD isolate


Help with hangovers, antioxidant effects, support of liver detoxification and natural defense functions of the body

glutathione , N- acetylcysteine (NAC), guarana , vitamins B3 and B6

How to choose a functional patch?

Choose the patch that best suits your needs. The table above will help you with your orientation. Always check the ingredients to avoid possible allergic reactions or drug interactions . If you are not sure, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Remember that these patches are not intended to treat or prevent any disease .

How are Hemnia functional patches applied?

Applying and using the patch is not difficult, but it is good to remember a few principles.

  • Good adhesion of the patch to the skin is necessary to increase effectiveness . The presence of sweat, scars or hair at the application site may reduce adhesion and limit absorption.
    • the patch to washed and dried skin , free of dirt and cosmetics (creams, oils, lotions).
    • Carefully remove the patch from the package (peel off the plastic film).
    • Do not touch the sticky part.
    • Stick the patch on the skin, for example on the inside of the arm.
  • Leave on for up to 24 hours , then peel off.
  • If you are applying another patch, stick it in a different place.

Any small remnants of the patch can be simply washed with soap and water. You can use the patches every day.


Advantages of functional patches

The main advantages of functional patches include:

  • Convenience and discretion: The use is simple, you stick the patch on the skin and you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can take the patches with you on trips, they are light and easy to store.
  • Long-term effectiveness: The active ingredients are gradually released into the bloodstream over a period of several hours (or even days, for example in the case of contraceptive patches) and the level of the active ingredient in the body does not fluctuate. The patches provide a steady supply of symptom relief
  • Higher bioavailability: Transdermal patches bypass the digestive system, including the intestines and liver, thanks to which a larger amount of the active substance reaches the bloodstream than is the case with oral administration.
  • No pain: The application of patches is absolutely painless, unlike, for example, vitamin infusions.
  • Easy to digest: Pills can cause side effects related to the digestive system, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. The transdermal patch delivers the drug into the bloodstream through the skin, thereby reducing the risk of digestive problems.

The benefits and pitfalls of transdermal patches from the perspective of science

Of course, scientists and doctors are also devoted to the transdermal method of administering drugs or vitamins. As confirmed by professional studies , the patches are ideal for micronutrient administration in patients with swallowing difficulties or gastrointestinal problems , as well as in people with cognitive impairment who are likely to miss doses of traditional oral nutritional supplements. Acceptability of all transdermal preparations appears to be high. Patches can also potentially reduce the risk of overdose and excess vitaminosis , as removing the patch immediately cuts off the supply of the compound , preventing excessive nutrient intake.

In recent years, there have been many advances in transdermal patch technology, including the development of smart, biodegradable patches and 3D printed patches.

One of the main disadvantages of transdermal drug delivery is possible differences in drug absorption through the skin . Most of these differences are due to biological factors such as gender, age, ethnicity, and skin hydration and metabolism. These factors affect the integrity and barrier properties of the skin, which in turn leads to variability in the amount of drug absorbed.

Research shows that the successful administration of a drug (or vitamins) through the skin depends on physicochemical properties such as the molecular weight of the drug, the ratio of individual compounds and the strength of the drug. Only drugs with suitable lipophilicity and molecular weight can be passively delivered through the skin. Compounds that are suitable for administration via transdermal patches have a small molecular weight, fewer hydrogen bonds, a low melting point, and exhibit moderate lipophilicity . Unfortunately, many compounds do not have the required physicochemical properties to penetrate the skin in sufficient quantities, which narrows the market for transdermal preparations.


Transdermal patches represent a convenient way of administering active substances. Commonly known are nicotine patches that help people with cigarette addiction, hormonal patches, or pain or inflammation patches. It is currently being investigated whether antibiotics and vaccines could also be administered transdermally .

In addition to those mentioned above, there are also functional patches with a different focus with herbal extracts and containing vitamins or cannabinoids , which can help with concentration, better sleep or replenishment of energy. You can also find a selection of these patches in our e- shop . We have devoted maximum care and attention to the development and appropriate composition, our products are properly tested by an independent third party.

Functional patches, sometimes also referred to as " wellness " or "vitamin" patches, are a trend in the field of health and well-being care. They are gentle on the skin, almost invisible, and active substances are released from them in a controlled , constant and long-term manner. You too can start to feel better thanks to them. Try it "for yourself".


Author: Michaela Mádlová , translation by AI


Photo: Pixabay

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