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How to take care of your feet in summer?

Fotografie ženských nohou a jejich bolest v létě

Do you suffer from swollen ankles or cracked and dry feet? Feet need to be taken care of all year round, but they deserve special attention in the summer. Swimming, warm weather, outdoor activities, hiking, and wearing open-toed shoes are all factors that can lead to sore or unsightly feet.

In this article, we will talk about how to give our feet what they need and enjoy sunny days without worries.

Why do my feet hurt?

In the summer months, sore feet can be affected by various circumstances. Typically, these are inappropriately chosen shoes , excessive physical activity or, on the contrary, standing still for a long time. 

Leg pain (not only in summer) can also be caused by other, more serious causes, such as various injuries or illnesses, for example:

  • fractures
  • sprains and bumps 
  • tendinitis
  • arthritis
  • gout

We will not address these causes today, but we recommend that you do not underestimate any injury or foot disease, and if necessary, seek out a doctor who will diagnose and treat the foot or recommend appropriate treatment.

Heavy legs

A special case of increased pain is the feeling of heavy legs , which is not only accompanied by hot days. It is manifested by fatigue and heaviness in the legs, itching, burning, tingling, discomfort and swollen ankles . Cramps in the calves are added to the difficulties at night .

 Křeč v lýtkovém svalu muže, masáž mužské nohy na sportovišti po tréninku

What helps with sore feet?

Herbs that promote blood circulation , such as chamomile, ginseng, rosemary and lavender , can relieve the symptoms mentioned. It can be ointments, creams, oils or teas.

Universal hemp creams with lavender scent and cannabidiol content are suitable for lubricating sore spots CBD , which positively contributes to reducing inflammation in the body. If you suffer from the feeling of heavy legs, a cooling massage gel with CBD and herbs , which you massage into the affected area, can bring you relief.

What helps with cold feet?

Even in the hot summer, cold feet can bother you, especially if you spend time in air-conditioned rooms. In addition to a healthier lifestyle, exercise and wearing socks, you can try massages. Massaging will promote the start of blood circulation and warm up the cold limbs.

You can choose from warming cannabis preparations including massage gels, ointments or balms with colloidal silver, horse chestnut, capsaicin and other herbs .

Why do feet swell?

Temperatures hit the thirties and your shoes are suddenly too tight. Does this sound familiar? Higher temperatures cause the blood vessels to expand, causing fluid to accumulate in the surrounding tissues and the legs to swell.

Swelling of the legs can also have other causes, such as heat. Most often they are:

  • increasing age 
  • overweight
  • consumption of foods with a high salt content
  • use of certain drugs ( for example, drugs for high blood pressure or hormonal contraception)

More rarely, swollen legs can signal serious illnesses , such as deep vein thrombosis or heart, liver, and kidney disease . If your problems persist for a long time or are accompanied by other symptoms, seek medical help.

Swollen legs during pregnancy and after childbirth

According to experts , swelling of the lower limbs occurs in approximately 80% of pregnant women. They usually occur in the later stages of pregnancy , when the weight of the uterus and fetus exerts increased pressure on the ankles and feet. The heat can also worsen the discomfort in the legs.

Many mothers also suffer from swelling after childbirth . Their cause is usually that the body gets rid of excess fluid accumulated during pregnancy.

What helps with swollen feet?

Here are some tips to reduce leg swelling:

  • put your feet up ! (an elevated position above heart level is recommended for at least a few minutes a day)
  • make sure you get enough exercise
  • wear compression garments
  • avoid prolonged sitting or standing
  • less salt
  • alternate between warm and cold water when showering
  • follow the drinking regime

Fight swelling naturally

It can be an effective aid in reducing swelling hemp ointment with CBD on a 100% natural basis . In addition to hemp ointments and creams , which are applied locally to problem areas , they can be beneficial CBD oils and drops .

Studies in recent years suggest the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD. It can therefore contribute to the reduction of inflammatory reactions in the body, thereby helping to reduce swelling, whatever the cause. CBD is also known for its possible analgesic effects.

Studies show that it can help reduce pain by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system, which regulates various functions, including pain perception.

Cracked and dry feet

Dry feet can be a real pain in the summer. Since the feet lack sebaceous glands , the skin in this area is excessively prone to drying out . And this condition is aggravated by a number of factors - from extreme temperatures to showering too often to walking barefoot on hard and rough surfaces.

Shoes made of non-breathable materials are also problematic. They can cause excessive sweating , which leads to subsequent drying of the skin as the sweat evaporates.

 Těhotná žena sedící na pohovce v obývacím pokoji. Ruka nanáší konopnou mast s CBD na nohy.

What helps with dry feet?

The basis is suitable footwear, proper skin care and hygiene. Or hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! All-purpose hemp ointments , hemp foot creams , and heel balms containing salicylic acid are popular for their ability to soften and lubricate rough skin . You'll find this acid in most foot moisturizers because it helps break down dead skin cells . It is therefore ideal for softening the skin on the heels before removing it with warm water and a brush.

There are also hemp oil baths that reduce drying of the skin. A special deodorizing foot spray can help to reduce sweating , which, among other things, softens the skin and gradually dissolves the hardened skin, resulting in its gradual removal. Ointments and antiperspirant gels with oak bark complement the sprays . 

Why do the feet burn and what to do with it?

Burning feet can have various causes. It usually appears in connection with a lack of vitamins (mainly from group B and zinc) or as an accompanying phenomenon of diabetic or peripheral neuropathy.

In the summer months, you may experience burning if you overload your feet, either by standing for a long time or with daily activities, or if you do not provide your feet with enough ventilation. In warm weather, the feet sweat more, and the moist environment in the shoes can also lead to infections , of which, for example, fungal disease of the feet, also known as mycosis , is very common .

To reduce the feeling of burning feet, it is recommended to change your shoes, soak your feet in cold water, allow your feet to ventilate often and wear socks made of moisture-wicking materials.

, ointments and special foot creams designed for this type of problem can help with skin fungi . However, it is always a good idea to consult your dermatologist, especially if your problems persist for a long time and get worse.


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