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CBD Crystals Guide - Everything You Should Know

CBD crystals have a high concentration and require caution when consumed. Each method has its own specifics regarding the amount, the speed of onset of effects, or the ability to process the isolate at home. Which do you opt for?

1. What is CBD isolate?
2. What are the benefits of CBD crystals?
3. Are CBD crystals better than other products containing it?
4. Vaping - the easy choice with the right equipment
5. CBD as a treat - creams and ointments

What is CBD isolate?

An isolate can be defined as a substance that has been separated from other ingredients. In the case of CBD isolate, this means that the cannabidiol has been separated from the other substances in the cannabis plant and represents the purest form of CBD that can be purchased. The proportion of each cannabinoid that needs to be got rid of depends on the particular plant. By gradually breeding and refining it, all the compounds are removed, leaving only pure CBD in the form of tiny crystals. However, these are usually crushed into a fine powder that is easier to work with when used in cosmetics or food supplements.

The process of producing CBD isolate (CBD crystals) is quite complex. It is obtained by multiple extractions from full-spectrum CBD oil, from which only the cannabidiol is isolated. After CO2 extraction, the isolate must be purified again to remove excess plant material. The aim is to obtain the highest possible concentration (usually exceeding 99%). At first glance, white crystals with a neutral taste and smell may give the impression that they have been bleached or otherwise treated, but the texture and white or slightly yellowish colour are natural to them and the product is 100% natural.

What are the benefits of CBD crystals?

There are several reasons why CBD crystals are popular with consumers, especially

  • Purity
  • Versatility
  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency

On efficiency, however, it is worth adding a note. If you've used broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD before, you may find that the effects of CBD crystals are weaker compared to the aforementioned. This is due to the absence of other cannabinoid components such as cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC and others), terpenes and flavonoids. These are involved in what is known as the 'entourage effect' - according to this theory, the individual substances complement each other synergistically and mutually reinforce each other's effects, and may therefore be responsible for the stronger effects on the human body.

While full-spectrum oils contain a variety of substances including THC, isolate relies on the "magic" of cannabidiol alone. Thanks to its potent concentration, the effects associated with regular use, such as the reduction of pain and inflammation or the alleviation of anxiety and autoimmune disorders, can be fully realized.

Are CBD crystals better than other products containing it?

CBD crystals may be better than other CBD extracts in some ways, but in others they are inferior. Here are the most significant advantages and disadvantages of CBD crystals:


  • Contains almost 100% pure CBD
  • Contains no THC
  • Easier to handle - makes less mess than oil concentrates
  • Easy dosing


  • No terpenes, flavonoids or minor cannabinoids
  • No additive effect (synergy between the individual substances contained)
  • "Weaker" compared to broad spectrum CBD extract, which offers an accompanying effect and also contains no THC
  • Difficult to dub
  • Based on appearance, it may give the impression that it is an illegal drug

Five ways to consume CBD crystals

All the attention revolves around CBD drops, but the isolate has a lot to offer as well, and you can ingest it in a variety of ways. Choose the one that is closest to you and meets your needs for speed of onset of effects or application.

Direct Consumption

The easiest way to consume CBD crystals is to put a small amount in your mouth. Under the tongue, they begin to dissolve within a minute and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. After swallowing, wait to eat and drink until you feel the first effects of the cannabidiol. Over time, the amount can be increased according to your current needs. Thanks to the uncompromising purity of the isolate, it is easy to calculate the dose you get into your body. At the same time, concentrations approaching 100% require great precision in dosing. Thus, a scale with the highest possible sensitivity, such as a laboratory scale, will be used for dosing.

Cooking aid

CBD isolate can also be used in the cold kitchen, in cooking and baking. And in two ways. You can add it to food, let it melt or mix it into porridge, soup or salad. The effects of CBD are stronger when combined with the right foods high in fatty acids, such as fish, eggs, nuts, avocados and coconut, sesame, soybean and olive oils. The second way is to dissolve the crystals in water. This is because the isolate dissolves well in water, which is practical. So, when mixed in a little water, you can easily add CBD crystals to your favorite recipe. To get the most out of their effects, it is recommended not to heat them above 170°.

Vaping - the easy choice with the right equipment

Using a vaporizer is intuitive and suitable even for complete beginners. The moment the device heats up to the desired temperature, just insert a few crystals into the container and inhale the resulting vapor. This method of consuming CBD isolate is especially popular because of its variability, the ability to be taken almost anywhere and in precise amounts. Just be careful when choosing a vaporizer, some of them can only process plant material and are thus not adapted for vaporizing the isolate.

Make your own e-liquid

If you like to smoke, you can use an electronic cigarette and make your own e-liquid at home using CBD crystals. We strongly advise against smoking CBD crystals. Direct smoking can be harmful to your health as the hemp substance becomes toxic when burned. Inhaling the vaporfrom an e-liquid with CBD crystals is a possible alternative, however. This is because there is no combustion and instead of smoke, only vapour is produced. To make your own liquid, all you need is a neutral base without nicotine and a pinch of CBD isolate. You can control the strength by adjusting the amount of CBD. You will have your own customized liquid.

CBD as a treat - creams and ointments

You can also prepare CBD topicals at home using CBD isolate, and make the most of its potential. In fact, CBD can have a positive effect on skin conditions, helping to fight acne, eczema or psoriasis, prevent ageing, aid healing or bring relief from joint and muscle pain. Making your own cream (or other cosmetics) is simple. Just add a reasonableamount of CBD isolate to a mildly perfumed cream and wait for the crystals to dissolve completely.


CBD isolate offers an alternative to full spectrum CBD products. It may be particularly useful for those who would like to try CBD while avoiding the slightest amount of psychoactive THC. The isolate may have a number of positive effects on our bodies, including providing relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety.However, research suggests that some of these effects may be more pronounced when taking a full-spectrum CBD product.

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