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CBD and fractures: pain relief and strengthening

There are few experiences more painful, more frustrating and more unpleasant than breaking a bone. The good news is that using CBD oil for a fracture can be a great way to achieve pain relief and promote healing. Fractures have never brought much joy to anyone. In addition, the reality of long weeks with a cast on a limb does not add to a person's good mood either. Discomfort, pain, and even depression can occur, making recovery even more difficult . Sometimes casts and prescription painkillers just aren't enough.

It is not only in such cases that CBD oil can significantly help on the way to recovery. In our article, we explain in detail (and perhaps in a slightly more demanding scientific language) why and how CBD affects specific body processes and how this compound from hemp can help in the treatment of fractures . Keep in mind that the information provided on this page is only intended to serve as an informational guide - and should never be taken with the same weight as medical advice.


Benefits of CBD oil for fractures

How can you benefit from the benefits of CBD oil with a fracture? Although CBD oil alone cannot repair or completely heal bones, it can help you deal with some of the negative effects associated with broken bones. By that we mean mainly pain and inflammation, but it can also support your body's ability to heal the fracture. Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid - a compound that is obtained from hemp, of which it is a natural part. This phytocannabinoid affects the endocannabinoid system in our body and brings a whole host of potential benefits.

of cannabinoids occur naturally in cannabis , CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) receive the most attention from the point of view of scientific studies . Both THC and CBD target the CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the brain and central nervous system. THC interacts with these receptors directly, while CBD does not bind directly to any of them, but acts on them and other receptors indirectly.

Because CBD works similarly to the endocannabinoids produced by our bodies, it offers a more natural way to treat various ailments. If you're dealing with fractures, chronic pain is probably at the top of your list of problems. Doctors usually prescribe painkillers for her, but they can have negative side effects and the use of some of them carries the risk of addiction. In contrast, using CBD has very few possible side effects and is not addictive. CBD not only activates cells in the body that reduce the perception of pain , but it also helps regulate immune responses that control inflammation and can even improve mood . Let's take a closer look at what the science says about the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD for people with fractures.

The efficacy of CBD oil in the treatment of fractures

According to research to date, CBD oil has many uses for people who have suffered a fracture.


CBD oil for fracture repair

Research has shown that CBD oil helps in the repair of broken bones. In a study published in the Journal of Good and Mineral Research conducted by researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University found that CBD accelerates the healing of bone fractures by stimulating the activity of lysyl -hydroxylase in osteoblasts, which are bone-building cells. Lysyl -hydroxylase is an enzyme that activates collagen cross-linking during bone healing.

The study involved 3 different experiments. In the first experiment, rats with a fractured femur were given THC or CBD to test their effect on the structural and mechanical properties of fracture healing. In a second experiment, a mixture of equal amounts of THC and CBD was tested on a fracture callus or on the remnant of a healed fracture bridge. And finally, the last experiment tested the effect of THC and CBD on the expression of lysyl -hydroxylase.

It was found that CBD not only increases the activity of lysyl -hydroxylase, but also significantly increases the mechanical properties and strength of bones. Dr. Yankel Gabet of the Bone Research Laboratory in the Department of Anatomy and Anthropology at TAU 's Sackler School of Medicine and one of the study's lead researchers said, "After CBD treatment , the healed bone is less likely to break in the future."

CBD oil for bone strength

For people suffering from bone loss, fractures or conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, CBD oil can help promote better bone health. As mentioned above, CBD can help facilitate bone growth and repair, but it can also prevent bone loss. Fatty acid amides (FAAs) enable bone remodeling and interact with cannabinoid receptors . The enzyme fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) breaks down bone by breaking down FAA. CBD blocks the activity of FAAH, preventing it from destroying the FAAs that remodel bone.

Endocannabinoids are produced in the bones , and although their exact mechanism of action is not fully understood, it makes sense that similar compounds, such as phytocannabinoids , could help enable and support the body's natural bone strengthening processes.

CBD oil against pain and inflammation

CBD oil is of great importance in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Glycine receptors are so-called inhibitory receptors in the central nervous system. These receptors play a significant role in our perception of pain. Studies have found that cannabinoids , such as CBD, significantly enhance signaling from these receptors, or increase the likelihood of their effect, thereby reducing the sensation of pain.

CB2 receptors, found throughout the body, are important regulators of our immune system . Chronic inflammation causes an aggressive immune response where the system begins to attack healthy cells and tissues. Cytokines are small proteins released by immune cells that are involved in the initiation of inflammation. CBD can disrupt the production of cytokines , thereby preventing inflammation.

CBD may also moderate inflammation by reducing neurotransmitter reuptake adenosine . Adenosine is a nucleoside that acts on adenosine receptors including the A2A receptor, which plays an important role in reducing inflammation throughout the body. CBD may help reduce inflammation by inhibiting a nucleoside transporter called equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (ENT1). By slowing its reuptake, the level of adenosine in the brain increases, which can have a positive effect on anti-inflammatory signaling through adenosine receptors.

CBD oil for depression and anxiety

Depending on the severity of the fracture, severe depression or anxiety may also develop. For people who have suffered a traumatic injury and need to stay in the hospital for a long time, or for those who have lost mobility for a long time, fighting depression without the side effects of traditional antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs can be extremely important.

CBD works similarly to antidepressants and increases the amount of neurotransmitters of adenosine and anandamide in the brain. CBD reduces the reuptake of the mood-enhancing substance adenosine, which activates adenosine receptors , and increases its amount in the brain. Anandamide is known as the “Bliss Molecule”. CBD acts as an inhibitor of FAAH, the enzyme that breaks down anandamide , increasing its available amount in the body, improving mood and reducing depression.

How to use CBD oil for fractures

Consult your doctor before using CBD oil . Although CBD is safe for most people, it can interact with some common medications, such as antidepressants and antibiotics, so it's best to check with your doctor first. If you are suffering from pain, depression, or slow healing, CBD oil may be just what you need to relieve you.

How you choose to use CBD oil for a fracture is entirely up to you, your needs, and your lifestyle. For some, it is best to take CBD oil in drops or capsules, while others may choose to vape CBD oil throughout the day. Before making a decision, think about your specific injury. If your dominant hand is broken, you will be better able to handle capsules, edibles or a vaporizer than, for example, a dropper and oil. There is no point in making things more complicated than necessary. If the pain is extensive, you can use transdermal patches for longer-term relief.

There are many options on the market to suit every person and every lifestyle. You may find that a combination of individual products works best for you. Try a few different things and listen to your body. This will let you know what works and what doesn't.

Dosage of CBD oil for fractures

Before starting to use CBD oil for fracture treatment, it is essential that you speak with your doctor to determine if it is the best option for you and together you can determine the best dosage. Since no two people are the same, no two people will react to CBD in the same way. Various factors such as weight and metabolism play a role in determining the correct dosage.

Finding the dosage that best suits your needs may take some trial and error. Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, it is best to start with the lowest recommended dose listed on the CBD product. You can then adjust the dose upwards or downwards as needed. If your product does not have a recommended dosage size, you can use the following information: The standard dose of CBD is 25 mg of CBD, taken twice a day. If you are not getting the desired results with this amount, we recommend increasing the dose by 25 mg every 3 to 4 weeks until you get relief.

The best CBD oil for fractures

The best CBD oil for fractures is the one that will give you the most relief. Although the type and brand of product may vary, it is important to always purchase a quality product. Here are some tips for finding the best CBD products on the market:

Buy organic products. Get a product that comes from organic hemp. This way, you can be sure that you won't be using any harmful pesticides or herbicides.

Read the ingredients. Quality CBD oil is obtained from organic hemp and contains only natural ingredients. Most oils contain CBD and a carrier oil, such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Some CBD oils also contain terpenes or essential oils for flavoring. If you see artificial or chemical additives, skip the oil .

Read the Certificates of Analysis. Trusted CBD producers have their extracts tested by an independent laboratory and publish the results online in a certificate of analysis. This analysis will help you verify the concentration of THC and CBD listed on the label, as well as help you determine exactly what is in the final product, including harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Review the laws. Cannabis products containing 1% THC or less have been legalized in the Czech Republic since the beginning of 2022. But the same situation does not apply in all states. Some countries require CBD users to have a prescription, while others ban the sale of hemp products altogether. When traveling abroad, we recommend that you check the laws of each country you will pass through.

Read product reviews. Customer reviews are a great tool to determine if a product is worth your time and money. They will help you quickly find out if the product has worked for others, if they have experienced any side effects, and help you determine the product that will best suit your needs. Using CBD oil alone won't cure broken bones, but it can help you heal faster with less pain and less risk of permanent damage.


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