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Sport and CBD, 7 reasons why YES

Cannabidiol needs no lengthy introduction. There are a variety of effects and people use it for different reasons. Some use it to improve sleep, others for pain relief or to reduce inflammation, others for autoimmune diseases or purely as a preventive measure. For athletes, it's a package of benefits that make them feel more comfortable before, during and after exercise.

1) CBD and inflammation          

Everyone encounters inflammation from time to time. In its mild form, it is not harmful to the body, but with relapses or chronic problems, it is a major health limitation that limits a person's performance in sports, among other things. Prescription drugs tend to be effective, but they put unnecessary strain on the body and the actual recovery time is many times longer. CBD represents a holistic alternative to get the body back in shape quickly without negative traces. Research suggests that cannabidiol is so complex that it will dampen inflammation in the beginning and advanced stages. Naturally, the daily dose needs to be adapted to this.

2) CBD and anxiety

Anxiety states are not commonly associated with sports, but the pressure to perform and the stress of competitions or tournaments should be remembered. Even routine training can cause discomfort and limit a person during physical activity. CBD can be effective in dampening such conditions. It is just better to take full spectrum than isolate. The side effect is very helpful in this case.

3) CBD or muscle relaxant

The recovery phase after physical exercise is not spontaneous and requires suggestions from the athlete. Cooling or warming up, stretching and last but not least, supportive supplements. Muscles full of lactate are in the grip of cramps. CBD can interact with GABA-A receptors and effectively soothe and dampen post-exercise pain. A dose of up to 20 mg per day in oil form should be sufficient, but a combination with topicals is ideal.

4) CBD and sleep quality

Cannabidiol has many effects, but a large group of users have turned to it specifically to harmonize sleep and rest during the night. Positive changes can occur within days. Sleep is a key factor not only in everyday life, but also in regular sports. High-quality regeneration is important for the body, which is appreciated by many professionals, led by Roger Federer, who also indulges in twelve hours a day. The question remains whether such a load is beneficial to health in the long run.

Taking 10 to 20 mg an hour or two before sleep is ideal. This should ensure sufficient balance of the endocannabinoid system during the night and full recovery.

5) CBD and the nervous system

The nervous system provides communication between the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Its activity depends on the frequency of stimuli to which it must respond. It reaches its maximum during physical exercise. However, after a prolonged period of time, muscle contractions may weaken and strength may decrease significantly. Without muscle recovery, performance drops sharply and exhaustion sets in. No study has yet clearly demonstrated the effects of CBD in this area, but users have confirmed many times that cannabidiol is the "king of neurotransmission". It can synchronize neural signaling, preventing overload during exercise while delaying tremors at maximum effort.

6) CBD or the new adaptogen

Adaptogens include those herbs and substances that fulfill requirements such as protecting the nervous system, reducing stress and elevating performance, and stimulating the body with zero (or minimal) side effects. Based on studies and research, with one of the first and groundbreaking ones dating back to 1969, CBD probably fits all the parameters and ranks alongside echinacea or reishi mushrooms. Thanks to the activation of the endocannabinoid system, it can be a very interesting option for athletes.

7) CBD and stress regulation

The last point is the most important one. This is because stress negatively affects functioning in everyday life and slows down recovery, parasitizes mental well-being and hinders the treatment of various diseases or sports performance. Sudden stress is an integral part of life and cannot be completely avoided, but chronic stress can cause gut or heart problems, among others. All of this causes a setback during physical activity.

Movement is perceived as a form of relaxation, but for the body every change is stressful. A daily dose of 10-20 mg of CBD can help the body overcome the initial shock and adjust to the new regime.

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